AI Music Platform CEO Claims Traditional Music Industry in ‘Panic’ as AI-Powered Music Takes Center Stage

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer in various industries worldwide, but its impact on intellectual property rights in the creative sector has raised concerns. The music industry, including artists, record labels, and institutions such as the Grammys and YouTube, has had to grapple with AI’s presence in some form. As traditional players navigate this technological landscape, new platforms are emerging that fully embrace AI. Musixy, launched on September 14, is one such platform that serves as a streaming platform, label, and marketplace exclusively for AI-generated music.

Cointelegraph interviewed Can Ansay, the founder and CEO of Musixy, to gain insights into how giving AI-generated music its own space could shape the future of the music industry. Ansay envisions Musixy becoming the “Spotify for AI hit songs,” particularly those that have been banned from other platforms. In recent times, major streaming platforms like Spotify have become increasingly cautious due to concerns raised by Universal Music Group about copyrighted AI tracks.

Ansay believes that the establishment, or major labels, is in a state of panic similar to the time of Napster due to the threat posed by AI technology. He asserts that AI revolution is not only legal but also poses a significant challenge to the existence of record companies. AI allows “talented producers” to create and monetize hit songs with renowned voices in any language. Musixy puts emphasis on producing new and covered hit songs with AI-generated vocals of well-known artists. Ghostwriter, a collaborator of Musixy, is behind the viral song “Heart on My Sleeve,” which features AI-generated vocal tracks of artists Drake and the Weeknd.

The song initially received Grammy eligibility, but the CEO of the Recording Academy later clarified that it was not eligible for nomination. Furthermore, it was taken down from commercial streaming platforms as it lacked permission from the artists or labels to use their vocal likenesses. Ansay argues that if Musixy is recognized as a streaming platform by the Recording Academy, AI-assisted songs could rightfully win the Grammy recognition they deserve. He highlights the importance of distinguishing unofficial AI vocal tracks that use the vocals of famous singers but have been banned from recognized platforms.

The topic of vocal likeness and its protection from a legal perspective is also raised by Ansay. He suggests marking AI vocal tracks as “unofficial” to prevent confusion and maintain professional ethics. Google and Universal Music Group were reportedly in negotiations over a tool that would legally enable AI tracks to be created using artists’ likenesses.

When considering whether AI-generated music should compete on the same level as non-AI-generated music in terms of awards and recognition, Ansay suggests two possibilities. One option is to distinguish the specific tasks AI is used for in music production under the rules of the Grammys. Alternatively, a new category, such as “AI Song of the Year,” could be created to recognize excellence in AI-generated music. Ansay argues that the Grammys’ mission statement also includes recognizing excellence in “science.”

Overall, Musixy and its founder Can Ansay seek to carve out a unique space for AI-generated music within the music industry. Their platform aims to showcase and celebrate the potential of AI in creating hit songs while navigating the complexities of intellectual property and industry standards.

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