Can Bitcoin Offer New Immigrants a Path to Homeownership?

Title: The American Dream 2.0: Embracing Bitcoin for Inclusive Opportunities

Heading (H2): The United States: A Land Built By Immigrants

For centuries, the United States has been a haven for immigrants seeking better futures and a sanctuary for refugees fleeing war and persecution. Despite a dark history of exploitation and injustice, the country’s 1776 Declaration of Independence proclaimed radical ideas of universal human rights and equality, reshaping world history. Yet, it has taken nearly two centuries of struggle to extend these rights to minorities.

Heading (H3): Lingering Inequality and Invisible Barriers

From the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 to systematic wealth exclusion for people of color, progress towards equality has been made. However, inequality and hidden barriers to opportunity persist. Surprisingly, the Chinese government, which has aggressively banned Bitcoin, released a comprehensive report on “Human Rights Violations in the United States” in 2022, pointing out America’s failings.

Heading (H3): The Desirability of the United States

Despite its imperfections, the United States remains the most desirable destination for those seeking to migrate, as revealed by a 2021 Gallup survey. Of the approximately 900 million global migrants, the largest group aspires to move to the United States. The country’s enabling environment and boundless possibilities continue to attract economic migrants and offer hope to displaced individuals worldwide.

Quote: “You can make it big as a banker, a real estate developer, and a doctor in Hong Kong, but you can literally be an astronaut, a rock star or anything you want in America. We moved here believing in the American dream.” – Jimmy O. Yang, actor and author.

Heading (H2): The United States’ Commitment to Refugees

While the United States attracts those seeking economic opportunities, it has also opened its doors to hundreds of thousands of refugees displaced by humanitarian crises abroad. The U.S. has shown noteworthy commitment by setting a Refugee Admission Ceiling of 125,000 for Fiscal Year 2023. Already, refugees from countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, and Burma have found sanctuary in the United States.

Quote: “Refugees share common threads of humanity and trauma. My goal is to uplift, not divide, by championing equity to empower those who have been overlooked.” – Win Ko Ko Aung

Heading (H3): Challenges Faced by Refugees of Color

While Ukrainian refugees have received commendable support, refugees of color from places like Syria, Congo, and Afghanistan have not received equal assistance in the United States. Many talented refugees struggle to find employment matching their skills. Companies like Airbnb, Google, and Uber have initiatives specifically helping Ukrainian refugees, while scholarships and resource support from 120 universities are available for Ukrainian students. This level of support is not equally given to other groups, like the Myanmar Scholarship Fund.

Heading (H2): Examining the American Dream and Homeownership Trends

The American Dream, defined as equality of opportunity for any American to achieve their highest aspirations and goals, has evolved over time. Contrary to this ideal, recent data from the Urban Institute challenges the attainability of the American Dream, revealing that the United States overly values homeownership. Alarmingly, homeownership trends show the increasing difficulty of owning a home, a trend worsened by historical systemic obstacles preventing African Americans from buying homes.

Heading (H3): Bitcoin as a Path to Inclusive Wealth-Building

In contrast to traditional assets, the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed, outpacing gains in real estate. Bitcoin offers unique advantages such as portability, divisibility, and fast transactions. With Bitcoin, immigrants and refugees can start building wealth regardless of their background, without being hindered by discriminatory practices. Bitcoin provides financial inclusion and freedom, disrupting systemic barriers visible and invisible.

Heading (H3): Embracing Bitcoin for an Inclusive American Dream

Bitcoin embodies the principles of decentralized democracy, human rights, and absence of systemic segregation. It offers an opportunity to expand access to an inclusive version of the American Dream. By embracing our shared humanity through Bitcoin, we can work towards equality before the law and overcome persisting injustices.

Quote: “Innovations like Bitcoin offer truly equal opportunity without enslavement. Bitcoin supports decentralized democracy by nature, defends human rights, and has no systemic segregation.” – Win Ko Ko Aung

Heading (H2): The Future With Bitcoin and the American Dream

While the future for newcomers in the United States remains unwritten, the author believes that with hard work, perseverance, and Bitcoin, the best is yet to come. By leveraging Bitcoin as a tool for inclusive opportunities, immigrants and refugees can rewrite their American Dream, transcending historical biases and building a brighter future.

Note: This article is a guest post by Win Ko Ko Aung. The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.

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