Can Blockchain Technology Truly Bolster Trust in AI?

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) is raising concerns about job displacement, ethical use, and potential dangers. While AI offers many potential benefits such as improving education and curing diseases, it could also enable surveillance by authoritarian states and even be trained to overthrow governments and prosecute wars. A group of tech leaders, including Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, has called for a moratorium on AI developments due to the potential for profound risks to society and humanity. Blockchain technology, with its transparency, traceability, and trustworthiness, may provide a solution by offsetting some of the opaqueness in AI’s black-box solutions. Blockchain could serve as a repository for AI training data, enabling increased transparency and accountability for AI models. For instance, a blockchain could help create an immutable record of AI decision-making to provide a trail of accountability. While some believe blockchain cannot save AI due to tracking and tracing challenges, others envision that blockchain can bolster AI by providing an auditing function. By using a blockchain ledger to record AI results, it would be possible to trace back the results to the source and uncover any malicious or unlawful use of AI.

J-S Tremblay
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