Coinbase Launches Subscription Service, Widens Global Footprint

Coinbase One, a cryptocurrency exchange company, has announced expansion plans to more international markets in the coming months. According to an email sent by the company, the exchange already has a presence in 35 countries primarily in Europe. The email stated that Coinbase One will soon be available in full in those 35 countries and plans to expand into other markets globally.

The exchange’s growing footprint could potentially give it a competitive edge over rival exchanges as it seeks to capture more market share. It’s also expected to increase access to cryptocurrencies for users in the regions Coinbase One expands to.

The news of Coinbase One’s expansion comes amid regulatory concerns from various jurisdictions around the world. The company has been actively working to comply with these regulations, as evidenced by its recent acquisition of a money transmitter license in Florida.

“In total, Coinbase One has a presence in 35 countries (predominantly in Europe) – in these other countries Coinbase One is rolling out to full availability in the coming months, and we plan to expand to additional markets internationally,” the email added.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Coinbase One’s expansion could potentially pave the way for more cryptocurrency adoption around the world. However, with regulations constantly changing, the company will need to stay agile and adaptable as it grows its presence in these new markets.

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