Creators of Friend.Tech Aggregator Expelled from Popular Social Platform after Phenomenal Rise

Friend Tech’s Aggregator Loses Chatroom Access

In a recent update shared on X, Sal shed light on the situation surrounding the Friend Tech account. Sal mentioned that the service played a pivotal role within the community, and the sudden discontinuation had a domino effect on other platforms that relied on their Discord channels for content. Several of these platforms were forced to halt their operations, revealing the interconnectedness of the Web3 social space.

Sal explained that they had earlier collaborated with Yield Bouncer to bridge their differing visions despite the misalignment of their goals. The idea was to find a compromise for FriendBook that wouldn’t undermine Friend Tech entirely. The proposal introduced a delay in message delivery, offering a balance between Sal’s concerns and Yield Bouncer’s vision. However, the next day, Sal was barred from using the chat feature on the platform.

In the meantime, Yield Bounce has extended an invitation to Racer and the Friend Tech team to engage in a discussion about the policies surrounding Friend Tech aggregation and indexing. The aim is to find a collaborative solution that fosters growth in the space.

Pending establishing a concrete policy, FriendBook is actively seeking alternative data sources to share content with the community. The project is open to collaboration with like-minded aggregators who share their vision.

Friend Tech Hit New All-time Highs

Base recently reported a significant surge in daily transactions, surpassing 1.8 million, a substantial increase from the beginning of August when it was below 300,000. This could be attributed, in part, to the resurgence of Friend Tech as a decentralized social network.

Friend Tech, operating on Coinbase’s Base, has seen a surge in new users over the past week, with its trade volume peaking at nearly $18.5 million.

Analysts have noted that this surge in activity did not lead to congestion on the Ethereum network or an increase in transaction fees. That suggests that efforts to expand the blockchain by supporting supplementary layer-2 networks like Base are proving effective.

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