Deadfellaz Expands Beyond NFT Collectibles with Launch of Streamingfellaz Video Utility Extension.

The Deadfellaz collection has launched a new tool called Streamingfellaz, which allows token holders to utilize their intellectual property beyond the artwork itself. The Deadfellaz token holders, known as The Horde, can now represent themselves as their NFTs on various platforms such as Google Meet, Twitch, Zoom, and YouTube. Through the Streamingfellaz tool, users’ movements and body language can be tracked to bring their tokens to life on screen. This development marks a significant step in the mainstream adoption of NFTs as they become more integrated into everyday life.

As stated by the Deadfellaz team, “Streamingfellaz is a game-changer for our community as it allows us to not only own a piece of the artwork, but to actually become a part of the art.” The integration of this technology into the world of video conferencing and streaming platforms will give users the ability to fully embody their NFTs and bring their characters to life.

It is important to note the potential legal implications of utilizing one’s intellectual property in this way. As explained in a previous CoinDesk article on NFTs and intellectual property, owners should be aware of their rights and any potential infringement when using their NFTs in this manner.

In the words of the Deadfellaz team, “Streamingfellaz is just the beginning of what’s possible with NFTs and their integration into our daily lives.” As the NFT market continues to grow and develop, it’s exciting to see how these unique digital assets will continue to evolve and integrate into the mainstream culture.

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