Debate Revives on Long-standing Bitcoin Drivechain Proposal

Debate Ignites Over Bitcoin Improvement Proposal for Sidechains

A renewed debate has emerged among members of the Bitcoin community over a six-year-old Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) that aims to add “sidechains” to the Bitcoin network. Some individuals have raised concerns that this proposal could increase scams on the Bitcoin network, while others argue that it will attract new users to the cryptocurrency.

The proposal in question, BIP-300, also known as Bitcoin (BTC) Drivechains, was first introduced in 2017. It suggests the introduction of separate blockchains, called sidechains, which can exist alongside the Bitcoin network. Paul Sztorc, the founder of Drivechain development firm LayerTwo Labs, explained that these sidechains would allow BTC to move onto them and create altcoins.

“This is how Bip300 can eliminate all crypto and fiat transactions, leaving only Bitcoin,” said LayerTwo Labs on Twitter.

The debate surrounding BIP-300 was reignited when Bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr rewrote the proposal’s code and requested its addition to Bitcoin’s codebase. Implementing BIP-300 would require a soft fork of Bitcoin that would be activated by miners, similar to the Taproot soft fork in November 2021. This soft fork enabled the launch of non-fungible token-emulating Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens, which were met with controversy.

Maxim Orlovsky, the CEO of blockchain scaling solutions project Pandora, posted on Twitter claiming he was able to create a two-way peg on Bitcoin without the need for a soft fork of the blockchain, as required by BIP-300. However, Orlovsky has not provided many details about his alternative proposal.

Meanwhile, supporters of BIP-300, including Sztorc, argue that Drivechains will provide users with the ability to choose a blockchain security model they agree with and determine how they want their Bitcoin to function. They also believe that the proposal has significant upside and no downside.

On the other hand, skeptics of BIP-300, like Cory Klippsten, the chief of BTC-only exchange Swan Bitcoin, argue that Drivechains could lead to an increase in scams on Bitcoin, which may draw the attention of regulators. Pierre Rochard, the VP of research at Bitcoin miner Riot Platforms, criticized the proposal’s messaging, stating that it relies on speculative economic arguments rather than substantive engineering ones.

Despite the differing opinions, some individuals, like educator Dan Held, believe that Bitcoin would benefit from the introduction of more speculative assets as they attract new audiences to the cryptocurrency. Jameson Lopp, co-founder of Bitcoin wallet provider Casa, has expressed his support for two-way pegged sidechains if concerns about their potential dangers to the main Bitcoin blockchain can be addressed.

The ongoing debate over the implementation of BIP-300 underscores the importance of exploring innovative solutions to enhance the functionality of the Bitcoin network while addressing potential risks and concerns.

Source: Bitcoiners Debate Proposal to Add Sidechains to Network, Warn of Potential Scams (Source: [credible source])

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