DeFi Platform on Polygon Adds EUROe-Stablecoin Bond to Its List of Obligations

Obligate, a new platform built on the Polygon blockchain, is aiming to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by introducing a secure and transparent way of issuing, tracking and settling debt. This innovative solution is set to revolutionize the financial industry by providing SMEs with access to funding previously out of their reach.

In developing and emerging markets, accessing capital has been a significant problem for SMEs. However, with Obligate, these companies now have a new option to borrow money from investors who are looking for better returns than traditional investments offer. The platform is built on the Polygon blockchain, which ensures that all transactions are transparent and secure.

The company is lowering the thresholds for issuing bonds, making it easier for smaller companies to participate in the process. This makes Obligate an ideal option for SMEs that have been overlooked by traditional financial institutions.

Founder and CEO of Obligate, David Pimentel, is optimistic about the potential impact of the new platform. “We believe that everyone deserves access to transparent and secure capital markets, regardless of location or credit history,” he says. “With Obligate, we are providing a solution that empowers small and medium-sized businesses, while also creating investment opportunities for people around the world.”

The importance of creating new solutions that benefit underserved communities cannot be overstated. Obligate is taking a significant step towards financial inclusivity and expanding access to capital. Its innovative solution is set to transform the financial industry and provide a new way for SMEs in developing and emerging markets to fund their businesses and achieve long-term success.

This news was first seen here: Obligate DeFi Platform on Polygon Lists EUROe-Stablecoin Bond on 2023-06-01 04:00:00

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