DEX Sushi Makes a Groundbreaking Leap, Embracing Aptos Blockchain and Leaving EVM Compatibility Behind

**Sushi Expands to Aptos, Offering Accessibility on a New Blockchain**

Sushi, the popular decentralized exchange and yield farming platform, has made a significant move by expanding its accessibility to the Aptos blockchain. This marks the first time that Sushi has been available on a blockchain that is not compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), signaling a new chapter in the platform’s growth and adaptability.

Previously, Sushi had been accessible on various blockchains, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base, Polygon, Fantom, and BNB Chain, as reported by DefiLlama, a trusted source for decentralized finance information.

This strategic expansion to Aptos opens up new possibilities for Sushi users, while also demonstrating the platform’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape. By venturing beyond the Ethereum ecosystem, Sushi aims to cater to a wider audience of blockchain enthusiasts, investors, and traders.

Sushi’s decision to embrace the Aptos blockchain is expected to enhance its scalability and efficiency, given the unique features and capabilities offered by this novel technology. The move not only expands Sushi’s reach but also strengthens its position as a leading player in the decentralized finance sector.

While Sushi has successfully migrated to Aptos, it’s important to note that this shift does not diminish its presence on other compatible blockchains. Sushi will continue to maintain its presence on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base, Polygon, Fantom, and BNB Chain, ensuring multi-chain accessibility for its users.

The significance of this move lies in the recognition that blockchains are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different blockchains offer distinct advantages and characteristics, and Sushi’s decision to embrace Aptos reflects its commitment to adaptability and inclusivity within the DeFi space.

As Sushi expands its horizons to Aptos, it remains focused on the goal of providing users with seamless and secure access to decentralized finance services. The move to Aptos is a clear testament to Sushi’s drive to establish itself as a decentralized exchange and yield farming platform of choice.

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