Disney Enters the NFT Market, Teams Up with Dapper Labs for Pixar and Star Wars NFTs

Dapper Labs Launches Disney Pinnacle

Dapper Labs, known for projects such as NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties, has announced the launch of Disney Pinnacle, a digital pin-collecting and trading platform. The platform will feature characters from Disney’s legacy, as well as icons from Pixar and Star Wars, all uniquely designed as tradable digital pins inspired by those sold at Disney theme parks. This move represents a major expansion for the company in the NFT market.

Interactive Trading Experience

Disney Pinnacle aims to provide fans with an engaging and socially-driven experience, enabling them to interact, trade, and build personalized collections of digital pins from anywhere worldwide. According to reports, the platform is set to be launched later this year on the Apple App Store for iOS devices, the Google Play Store for Android devices, and through its website.

Roham Gharegozlou, co-founder and CEO of Dapper Labs, expressed his excitement about the project, highlighting Disney Pinnacle as a product developed from the company’s accumulated knowledge and experience. He emphasized that the platform has been designed to offer unparalleled convenience and accessibility for fans, incorporating learnings from Dapper Labs’ previous projects, such as NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties.

“Disney Pinnacle is an all-new product designed from the ground up to incorporate everything we’ve learned over the past few years,” Gharegozlou stated.

Ethereum NFT Marketplaces Experience Resurgence

According to a recent report by Messari, Ethereum NFT marketplaces have been witnessing small recoveries, especially in the trading volume of Ethereum profile picture (PFP) collections. However, the NFT marketplaces on the Solana blockchain have not experienced a proportional surge in activity, despite the growth observed in the broader Solana ecosystem over the past month.

The report also suggests that activity within the NFT ecosystem remains divided between platforms such as TensorHQ and Magic Eden, contributing to the overall growth of the Ethereum NFT marketplaces. However, the Solana NFT ecosystem has yet to establish a dominant marketplace or platform that can match the growth seen on Ethereum.

These findings indicate the continued influence of Ethereum in the NFT market, further solidifying its position as a key player in the space.


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