Enhancing Gamification Strategies for Web2 and Web3 Enterprises

[Press Release – Singapore, Singapore, September 14th, 2023]

TomoOne, a Web3 platform, has recently launched an on-chain digital pet game inspired by the 1990s classic, Tamagotchi. The game aims to infuse a captivating gamification layer into applications, providing users with an engaging experience. Initially introduced within the MetaOne® Wallet, TomoOne served as an educational tool for Web2 users to learn about Web3 basics while ensuring they never forget their signature for transaction signing. Users were encouraged to interact with their digital pets multiple times a day, even without any assets in their wallets.

Now, TomoOne is expanding its reach by opening its doors to third-party applications through its API. By tapping into the emotional bond that digital pets create, these applications have the opportunity to attract and retain users on a daily basis. The integration of TomoOne into these apps will introduce a new dimension to the pet-raising experience. For example, a participating restaurant could allow users to simultaneously indulge themselves and feed their digital companions, creating a delightful fusion of real-world and virtual interaction.

SingSing, a Sing-to-Earn karaoke application recently launched on the Saakuru Blockchain, is the first application to utilize TomoOne API for gamification. Jack Vinijtrongjit, CEO of AAG, the company behind TomoOne, expressed his excitement about this partnership, stating, “As a pioneer embracing the TomoOne API for a thrilling gamification experience, TomoOne users can now harmonize with their digital companions through lively karaoke sessions and dive into a world of engaging activities on SingSing!”

As the TomoOne platform continues to evolve, AAG plans to introduce an array of captivating gamification features. The expansion of stats, including happiness, intelligence, and strength, will make each pet unique, shaped by their owners’ care. Users can also look forward to thrilling competitions where they can pit their pets against friends and challengers in various activities.

Hai Nguyen, SingSing’s Head of Product, expressed his belief in the partnership between AAG and TomoOne, stating, “AAG is a promising and rapidly expanding Web3 platform with a solid foundation, and we are thrilled to be a partner, bringing over 70,000 members, NFTs, vouchers, and more for exchange and interaction. We believe that a sustainable partnership will create additional value for both communities, with underlying technology from TomoOne and the MetaOne wallet.”

To get started with TomoOne’s digital pet world, interested users can access the TomoOne API, which is now available and can be requested from the AAG website.

About AAG

AAG is a Web3 infrastructure company that aims to simplify interactions with blockchain applications and the Metaverse for mainstream users and traditional companies. They offer a secure and user-friendly MetaOne® wallet and MetaOne® SDK, along with infrastructure software like a cross-chain search engine and the gas-fee-less Saakuru blockchain for enterprise companies. AAG’s mission is to empower individuals and businesses by bridging the gap to harness the power of Web3 while providing strategies for successful adaptation and creating engagement-focused products and services.

For more information about AAG, visit their Linktree.

About SingSing

SingSing is a unique application that combines web3 technology with physical singing activities, turning traditional karaoke parties into an enjoyable web3 experience. With features like Sing-to-Earn, SingSing encourages users to improve their singing skills. In addition to singing contests and social activities, SingSing also offers NFT minting, an NFT marketplace, voucher exchange, and more. The application has attracted over 70,000 organic users and continues to grow rapidly, particularly in Southeast Asia.

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