Ethereum Introduces Cutting-Edge Testnet ‘Holešky’ and Allots 1.6 Billion ETH for Developer Innovations

Ethereum Developers Launch New Testnet Called “Holešky”

Ethereum developers have recently launched a new testnet called “Holešky” on September 15. This testnet is specifically designed for staking, infrastructure, and protocol development, as stated in its developer documents. It is important to note that Sepolia will continue to be the dominant network for application development.

To bootstrap the network into operation, an initial supply of 1.6 billion Holesky testnet Ether (HETH) will be allocated to validators on Holešky’s launch day, which is ten times the amount of ETH present on the mainnet. Ethereum developer Tim Beiko explained that this large allocation was deemed comfortable by developers due to similar devnets regularly using a 10B supply.

Previously, the Goerli testnet was used for testing new staking, infrastructure, and protocol developments. However, developers started complaining in October about the low supply of ETH on Goerli, hindering its ability to adequately handle testing needs. Holešky is expected to alleviate this problem with its substantial initial supply of ETH.

Since the launch of Sepolia in 2021, the Ethereum team has been urging application developers to transition from Goerli to Sepolia, leaving only protocol developers on the old network. The plan is to deprecate Goerli in January 2024, with its maintenance continuing for another year before being completely shut down, according to documentation.

Holešky is expected to see significant use as Ethereum developers have an ambitious roadmap ahead. They aim to implement features like proto-danksharding and danksharding, which they believe will reduce fees, along with other cost-saving features such as Verkle trees to make running a node more affordable. As each of these features needs to be trialed on a testnet before being implemented on the mainnet, Holešky will play a crucial role in their development.

It is worth noting that further details and updates regarding Holešky can be found in the official Ethereum developer documentation and news from credible sources.

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