Ethereum’s Revolutionary zkEVM Protocol: A Community-Driven Vision Becomes Reality

H2: A Group of Ethereum Idealists Set to Launch Zero-Knowledge EVM “Scroll”

After two years of development, a group of Ethereum idealists are preparing to launch their zero-knowledge EVM, known as “Scroll,” which has been developed with Ethereum’s values in mind. While there are already existing zero-knowledge EVMs in the market, the Scroll co-founder, Ye Zhang, emphasized that this project is driven by idealism and a commitment to Ethereum’s philosophy and principles.

Zhang clarified that Scroll has been developed as a “labor of love,” with the intention to scale Ethereum while staying true to its core value of decentralization. He emphasized that the project’s focus is not solely on solving computational problems but rather on cultivating a community-driven approach. He stated, “We can grow this community very organically, and then grow our network effect, not in a very silly way, not in a very marketing-driven aggressive way.”

The zkEVM, which has already undergone extensive testing and audits, is scheduled to launch within weeks. Zhang mentioned that Scroll will launch after final testing is completed and major projects, such as Uniswap and Aave, are ready to deploy on the platform.

However, Scroll will be entering a competitive market, as other zkEVM solutions from Polygon, Immutable, StarkWare, and ConsenSys’ Linea have already gained traction. Zhang acknowledged that some of these systems have “unproven” parts in their circuits, but he believes that Scroll provides a “complete proof” of all Ethereum opcodes and transaction components. He stated, “So it’s not only compared to compatibility but also a full proof for proving that everything we already have.”

Scroll is a layer-2 scaling project that has been in development for two years. It utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to compress data off-chain, enabling higher throughput by only submitting proofs on-chain. Despite involving some initial centralization, Zhang mentioned that the roadmap for Scroll aims to decentralize further over time.

The Scroll team is confident that their zero-knowledge EVM implementation will offer a groundbreaking solution for scalability, while remaining true to Ethereum’s principles. The launch of Scroll is highly anticipated within the Ethereum community, as it represents a significant step forward in achieving a scalable and decentralized ecosystem.

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