EtherMail Integrates with Freename to Revolutionize Web3 Email Experience

EtherMail, the first Web3 email solution for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication, has integrated with Web3 domain specialists, Freename. This integration extends the reach of EtherMail’s Web3 email solution to Freename domain users, allowing them to send and receive Web3 and Web2 emails on EtherMail. Users can create personalized EtherMail addresses using any Freename domain instead of having to remember their complete wallet address by heart. This follows EtherMail’s recent integrations with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and Unstoppable Domains, which extended its Web3 email solution to millions of registered users.

Since EtherMail’s official launch, the platform has had over 500,000 users and established partnerships with popular NFT projects such as Smurfs Society, Probably Nothing, Toxic Skulls Club, inBetweeners and Prime Planet. EtherMail’s Web3 email solution also facilitated Web3 voting for Decrypt Studios’ inaugural Crypties Awards 2022 with more than 10,000 participants. Earlier this year, EtherMail secured a $4-million pre-Series A funding round led by renowned investor Tim Draper, following a $3-million seed round in August 2022, led by Web3 investors Fabric Ventures and Greenfield One.

EtherMail CEO and Founder, Shant Kevonian, stated that he is delighted to welcome Freename to the platform and looks forward to exploring more opportunities for collaboration in the future. Davide Vicini, CEO of Freename, said that this integration with EtherMail represents a significant step for both the Web2 and Web3 ecosystems. Users of lengthy and totally random wallet addresses are undoubtedly a mental barrier for Web2 users to explore the Web3 space. EtherMail and Freename are working towards making the transition between Web2 and Web3 seamless by utilizing this integration.

Readers can explore more information on EtherMail’s official website or join the official EtherMail Telegram channel here.

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