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The dynamic meme coin market is undoubtedly one full of excitement and mystery. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of projects out there, each one of which promises a myriad of opportunities.

A standout for their commitment to promises and transparency of project development, there is no ‘lacking’ with Golden Inu, unlike many other rival coins. The brand has roadmaps with release dates they have followed immaculately, there have been no lies exposed, and it’s become a bright light in the crypto space.

Developed by a team of experienced professionals, it has already completed a great deal of its roadmap and continues shipping products tirelessly.

Exciting P2E Game Revealed

Crypto traders who wish to find opportunities early on might want to keep a closer look at the somewhat calm cryptocurrency forum called Crypto Coin Opps.

The currently hot meme coin, Golden Inu, is using the discussion board to uncover its brand-new digital product to its users.

Recently, the team shared its exciting Play-to-Earn (P2E) game called $Golden Inuverse with its online community.

The $Golden Inuverse Game Up Close

The team has recently revealed the principal functions of the game in a beta version on the first website that supported the Golden Inu cryptocurrency ecosystem, as well as its entire brand.

It’s worth noting that well before that, there was an exciting leak, which showed a screen recording of an in-game player’s experience, both starting the game, choosing a planet to explore, and then selecting a player. After those basic options are selected, a map is shown where the user can walk around and investigate the lands of the planet they have entered before bumping into another character. That AI character explains to the live player how they can earn “10 gold coins,” presumably $GOLDEN.

If you want to find out more about $GOLDEN’s tokenomics, take a look at this complete guide.

Back to the beta version of the game – the new announcement links to a video that shows some of the principle functions of the $Golden Inuverse game’s beta version.

In terms of game mechanics, the “W A S D” keys are used to move the character, whereas the “blocks” represent a rival or another player in the game.


The current release is just a demo, but it serves the purpose of showing people that the game is working. Currently, the team is working on completing multiple landscapes. There are already many available characters to pick, some of them looking like this:


There will also be special NFT characters for players to buy, and this will give the lifetime ownership. However, they can still trade or sell them to someone else.

One of the more interesting details surrounding the economic aspect of the game is that the team confirmed both tokens as important financial instruments in the $Golden Inuverse, but there are some specifics:

“Both tokens will be used in conjunction with this game in time. In the principle stages, the BEP-20 will be used.”

For detailed yet easy-to-follow information on how to register for the $Golden Inuverse, check this out.

What Does The Above Reveal?

What’s clear thus far is that the new crypto game is functional and being developed as promised. This is major progress for Golden Inu.

The beta version provides proof that the Shiba Inu Killer is producing another new crypto app for their ecosystem and sticking to the schedules they announce via their official blog.

Also, this play-to-earn game’s snippet release is another big step in challenging the authority of the Shiba Inu token and its developers.

As reported in a recent interview, the founder of Golden Inu created the $GOLDEN tokens for a crypto ecosystem that will do what the $SHIB token founders’ promised but failed to complete — delivering crypto products they promise, and that will increase the utility of their token.

But Why This Forum?

The reason for Golden Inu Token choosing to use the Crypto Coin Opps forum is likely due to the site supporting the brand in its early stages.

Though somewhat inactive today, the CCO site was one of the first to publish news on the $GOLDEN [bep-20] cryptocurrency and take a leap of faith in trusting the brand’s founder, Golden Takeishi.

Perhaps CCO will begin sharing content again here in the near future as well, as this could bring new attention to the news site as well.

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