FINPR Agency Expands Services to Include Crypto SEO for Businesses in the Cryptocurrency Industry

Dubai-based blockchain PR agency, FINPR Agency, has recently announced the launch of its crypto SEO services. The agency offers six different SEO plans, with prices ranging from $790 to $5,900+. The most comprehensive package, called “Advanced,” includes technical SEO audit, website speed optimization, backlinks profile analysis, competitors analysis, keywords research (up to 1,000 keywords), meta tags optimization, existing content optimization, and content plan creation, off-site link building, SEO PR camps launching, and conversion optimization.

According to FINPR CEO Kirill Bezverhi, “If you intend to stay in the crypto market for years to come, SEO could serve as one of the most effective traffic generation tools in terms of cost per lead.” The agency’s “SEO Audit Package” is designed for beginners and includes technical SEO audit, analysis of backlinks profile, and comparison analysis with ten close competitors.

FINPR Agency also offers SEO copywriting services to help grow organic traffic for targeted audiences. The agency’s SEO copywriting plans range from $1,900 to $5,700 per month for content creation of articles, with total words amounting from 8,000 to 24,000, respectively.

Founded in 2017, FINPR is ranked among the top crypto marketing agencies that primarily works with blockchain, Web3, and fintech startups. The agency provides a range of marketing services like PR, influence marketing, paid traffic, SEO, community management, and content creation. With 15+ team members, FINPR has helped with marketing and PR for 300+ startups from Europe, the US, and Asia.

It is worth noting that this is a press release and should be read with that in mind.

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