Free crypto Press Releases and Articles publishing

Requirements for free publishing

In order to have your publication published on Moon & Lambo, you will need to follow strict rules.
To maintain high content quality, any publication that does not respect one or more of those rules will not be published on M&L.

Rules for Press Releases

  • Minimum words: 600
  • Maximum links: 5
  • Maximum Affiliate Link: 0
  • Language: English Only
  • Minimum 1 image
  • Use Heading/Sub-Heading
  • Must be in Press Release category

Rules for Articles publishing (Guest Post)

  • Minimum words: 1000
  • Maximum links: No limit (As long as the links a revelant to the article)
  • Maximum Affiliate Link: 1
  • Language: English Only
  • 100% Unique
  • Minimum 1 image
  • Use Heading/Sub-Heading
  • Use tag
  • Must have a category

Rules for market analysis publishing

  • Minimum words: 300
  • Maximum links: 2
  • Maximum Affiliate Links: 1
  • Language: English Only
  • 100% Unique
  • Minimum 1 image
  • Use tag
  • Must be in Market Analysis category

Publish your cryptocurrency Press Release

If you are a member of a crypto team, developing new projects, coins, or tokens. You can publish your press release on M&L for free. As long as you are following the rules mentioned above.

Moon & Lambo will help you promote your project by sharing your PR across our different social media profile.

We would appreciate it that you also do the same on your side, and share your M&L PR on your social media. By doing this, everyone publishing via M&L is helping each other in getting more awareness for their projects. Don’t be selfish 😉

Publish your crypto Articles (Guest Post)

If you are a crypto enthusiast, a blogger looking for a guest post, or if you would like to write about a crypto product that you like, Moon & Lambo will be happy to publish your article freely!

As long as it is well written, informative and follows the rules mentioned above.

Always make sure that your article contains images and a good title. This will increase your visibility and attract more readers.

Your article / guest post will be shared across our different social media.

Don’t forget to share it too! By doing so, every publisher on the platform will get more readers.

Available topics for your free guest posts and PR

  • Press Release (Crypto)
  • Free Crypto
  • Coins & Tokens
  • News
  • Other
  • ICO
  • NFT
  • Mining
  • Staking
  • Wallets
  • Trading
  • Bots & Tools
  • Market Analysis
  • Exchanges

Publish your crypto and stock market analysis

If you are a trader and would like to share your knowledge with others. Moon & Lambo is where you should publish your crypto market analysis!

It doesn’t matter if you are doing day trading analysis or if you would just like to post a general idea about the market. We welcome all market analysis as long as they are well explained.

Your market analysis will be shared on our social media so you can reach a maximum of readers.

Why is it free to publish on Moon & Lambo?

Well, first of all, Moon & Lambo is a new website. Would you really pay to publish on it? Yep, that’s what I thought. But even once we become the best crypto site out there, publishing on M&L will still be free!

As long as the content you are publishing here is of quality.

By making it free for everyone to publish, and by publishing only quality content, we think that M&L can become the place where crypto and money hustler go to get their news, tips, and market updates.

By having many different publishers, we can reach larger audience type and cover wider range of financial topics.

All we ask in return, and it’s not even mandatory, is that you share your own content with your social networks.
This will help us grow together!

How long does a free publication stay on M&L?

Your publication will never be removed from M&L (unless there is a legal issue). We might still be small at the moment, but your publication will grow with us and we will make sure it reaches a maximum of readers.

We may slightly modify your publication

M&L reserve the right to modify you publication in order to:

  • Improve readability
  • Insert internal links in order to improve global site SEO
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