From $98 to $1.1 Million: The Remarkable Journey of a Cryptocurrency Trader in Just 91 Days

Trader Turns $98 into $1.1M in 91 Days

In the crypto world, overnight millionaires are not a myth but a reality. And one trader has turned a mere $98 into a staggering $1.1 million in 91 days. However, this isn’t a story of luck; it’s a narrative woven with strategic brilliance and market insight that propelled the trader into the crypto millionaire club. According to a tweet by on-chain analyst 0xReflection, the wallet address 0xad47…556628e grew from $98 to more than $1 million in just three months. The remarkable thing about the portfolio growth is that every coin the wallet owner purchased was profitable.

Turning $98 Into $1M in 91 Days

0xReflection revealed that trader 0xad47…628e was able to achieve this feat by “fearlessly” investing in specific tokens without hesitation. In some cases, they were the first to invest in the assets.

The wallet’s biggest gains were from ATOR, the native token of the AirTor Protocol. The asset has grown more than 7,000% since its launch earlier this year, and trader 0xad47…628e got a significant piece of the cake. They were among the first to invest in the token, purchasing 600,000 ATOR at $0.08 each, and have garnered over $920,000 in profits as the asset is worth more than $1.70.

The next huge profit was from MC, the native asset of the gaming decentralized autonomous organization Merit Circle. The trader bought 100,000 MC two months ago at an average price of $0.29. Although they have not sold any yet, they have amassed more than $62,900 in profits from the asset.

Showing “Good Results”

Furthermore, trader 0xad47…628e made substantial profits from AllianceBlock Nexera Token (NXRA). On-chain analysis shows that they bought 333,344 NXRA in June when its price cooled down after the initial pump in April at an average cost of $0.05. Over the last few months, the asset has earned trader 0xad47 $17,044 in profits, with its value currently hovering around $0.11.

Although most of the gains are unrealized, 0xReflection said the wallet has shown good results. However, he warned market participants that adopting such strategies as “mindlessly” copying the trades may lead to getting rekt. He suggested they could use the information to strengthen their focus on certain tokens.


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