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The Value of Web3 in Gaming: Assessing its Benefits

Web3 technology has brought several notable advantages to the world of gaming, offering unique opportunities for players and developers alike. These benefits include digital asset ownership, open and permissionless marketplaces, interoperability, transparency, provable scarcity, and community building. However, a recent evaluation conducted by industry expert Philip La, who has experience as a former product manager for Axie Infinity and Pokémon Go, reveals a mixed performance in these areas.

La’s assessment, published earlier this year, grades the various purported benefits of Web3 in gaming on an A to F scale. The report card presents a range of results, with ratings ranging from D at worst to B+ at best, painting a picture of a rather mediocre performance overall. This evaluation challenges the high expectations associated with Web3 technology in gaming, highlighting areas where improvements are necessary.

One of the surprising findings of the assessment is that even the concept of real-money gameplay, which was once regarded as a promising aspect of Web3 games, only received a B grade. This revelation is likely to raise eyebrows, as one of the original selling points of Web3 games was the potential for players to earn income from their gaming activities.

While the benefits of Web3 in gaming are undoubtedly significant, La’s report card highlights areas where the technology can improve. It forces industry stakeholders to consider how digital asset ownership, open marketplaces, and other features can be optimized to provide a truly transformative gaming experience.

Sources: Philip La’s Assessment

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