Gulf Binance Secures License to Operate Digital Assets in Thailand

Gulf Energy Development, one of Thailand’s largest private power producers, has partnered with Binance to launch Gulf Binance, a blockchain-powered platform aimed at meeting the needs of Thai users. Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange, will provide its expertise while Gulf Energy will lend its established local presence and network to the project.

According to Richard Teng, Binance’s Head of Asia, Europe, and MENA, Gulf Binance aims to showcase the full potential of blockchain technology. The partnership is expected to bring about new opportunities for Thai users to explore the benefits of blockchain.

As Teng stated in a recent press release, “By harnessing Binance’s expertise together with Gulf’s established local presence and network, Gulf Binance aims to showcase the full potential of blockchain technology to meet the needs of Thai users.”

This partnership is a significant step forward for the adoption of blockchain technology in Thailand. With Gulf Energy’s extensive reach and Binance’s expertise, Gulf Binance is poised to become a leading blockchain platform in the region.

As the world continues to embrace blockchain technology, partnerships like this one will become increasingly important in driving innovation and adoption. With Gulf Binance, Thai users can look forward to a new era of blockchain-powered solutions that meet their unique needs.

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