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The Build ‘N’ Build Chain, previously known as the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is set to undergo a hard fork in June. The upgrade, called Luban, will incorporate three evolution proposals. If network activity remains regular, the BSC Luban upgrade will occur on June 11th. The hard fork will introduce the implementation of three BEPs (BEP-126, BEP-174, and BEP-221) as per the official GitHub repo update.

BEP-126 aims to introduce a “fast finality mechanism” that finalizes a block, which cannot be reverted once finalized. The seven-step process is explained in detail here. BEP-174 introduces a new governance proposal type that manages the set of whitelisted relayers. This mechanism aims to introduce a new way to manage Relayer Manager public keys that will be stored in the genesis contract on the BSC. Relayer Managers will be able to manage their individual relayer public keys.

The third proposal, CometBFT Light Block Validation (BEP-221), proposes a system that would add a new contract to networks that utilize the technology. The proposal aims to enhance the validation process for blocks.

It is essential to note that the hard fork is a significant step for the Build ‘N’ Build Chain, and the implementation of these BEPs will add value to the network. The hard fork is expected to improve the efficiency, security, and overall performance of the network.

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