How to find presale crypto tokens and how to enter it?

If you are searching for the best new crypto coins/tokens that are available in presale or, upcoming BSC/ETH tokens, you are in the right place.

What is Crypto Presale?

Crypto pre-sale is a crowdfunding technique used by the developers in order to obtain enough fund for the completion of the project. The crypto developers offer their tokens to interested investors even before they are available in common market and are still in their developing phase. All these takes place before Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and so it is rightly called as Pre-sale.

When we think about the outcome of Pre-sales they are beneficial to the developer as well as the investor. Here the developer is able to get more funding into their project and the investor gets more profit once the coin reaches the market and scores up in the market. Again the developer is capable of obtaining more popularity for their project even before the launching. Thus it paves way for more people to invest in the particular project and the people who have invested during pre-sale will also get benefitted.

Pre-sales is definitely not a new concept, it is been practiced right from the launch of the world’s oldest crypto project Bitcoin. It has definitely made more people rich just because they invested and held on to their Bitcoins for over a decade’s time.

Pre-sales are of two kinds based on the criteria of people allowed to take part in the pre-sale.

Investor-only Pre-sales

Open-for-all Pre-sales

Investor-only Pre-sales: Just like the title mentions here the target audience are the wealthy investors who are ready to try their hands in new crypto projects. These pre-sales help the developers to pump more money into their projects. The investors will reap their share of profits once the project hits the open market.

Open-for-all Pre-sales: As the name denotes anyone can take part and invest in the crypto projects. Through these pre-sales retail investors are able to have their fair share of a project’s share even before its public release.     

Pre-sale can be beneficial but there are no guarantee since it cannot be predicted for sure if a crypto project would gain popularity or not.

How to take part in crypto pre-sale:

Identify a pre-sale: Browse through the pages of Coinraaj and find out which projects are offering a pre-sale. Before you opt to participate, we recommend you to be diligent and conscious of the project offerings.

Choose an exchange: Before creating your account with an exchange platform and adding funds, make certain to try to do your research and make sure that it’s a reliable service provider. Pick globally acclaimed crypto exchanges to make sure a proven third-party is handling your assets.

Purchase: Once your account and wallet are created, all that’s left to try is to search for the pre-sale on your exchange’s website and buy your tokens.

What is Coinraaj?

Coinraaj is a crypto ranking site by votes for early stage crypto projects. Large base of newly launched, Presale, Airdrops of crypto tokens. New Cryptocurrency projects are listed here before being listed in major exchanges. It is free for anyone to list their own or favourite crypto projects here in our Coinraaj. After listing make sure to get your community people vote for your projects. Because we work on ranking system based exclusively on the votes obtained by the crypto tokens. The higher the votes the projects will get #1 in the website. The higher the votes the most popular your token becomes.

Coinraaj has made partnership with two major crypto services in order to provide secure and reliable data to our customers. This strategic partnerships will allow our users to check the contract and the rug score within our site. And also they can see the real time data like current price, market cap, total liquidity, 24hours price change, and live price chart within our site. So the users can check the new and upcoming crypto tokens and airdrops in a single platform and they can analyse and swap.

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