Immutable and MetaStudio Join Forces to Elevate the Gaming Metaverse Experience

MetaStudio, a popular gaming studio from Portugal, has partnered with Immutable, a leading Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution provider, to revolutionize the gaming metaverse. MetaStudio is well-known for its innovative games, games-as-a-service options, and unique non-fungible token (NFT) called Rune Realms, which provides holders with a chance to win a 10% revenue share of the studio’s earnings. Integrating with Immutable’s Layer 2 blockchain infrastructure will allow MetaStudio to offer players a dynamic gaming experience and unique advantages such as zero gas fees for peer-to-peer trading and secure ownership of in-game assets. Immutable’s Ethereum Layer 2 solution enables MetaStudio to offer gamers genuine ownership of their in-game assets and profit from their gameplay. As the interest in the metaverse increases, this partnership is expected to contribute significantly to gaming’s evolution.

The collaboration between Immutable and MetaStudio comes at the right time when the metaverse offers significant opportunities for innovative gaming experiences. As part of its commitment to advancing the gaming industry, MetaStudio is also collaborating with several other leading companies in the gaming industry, including Metacade, a comprehensive ecosystem for users to play, earn, build, and connect in Web3, and Somnio, the company behind Matafuse, a NFT hosting and management platform designed for content creators and developers.

MetaStudio’s co-founders have significant contributions to major projects in the entertainment industry, such as “Kung Fu Panda,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Transformers,” and “Guild Wars.” The partnership between Immutable and MetaStudio offers a unique opportunity for players to tap into a growing industry currently estimated to be worth almost 200 billion dollars. Players can mint their Rune Realms NFT and be part of MetaStudio’s future gaming.

Immutable is an Australian technology company that uses blockchain technology to improve the gaming industry. Its Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, Immutable X, provides a zero-gas layer for Ethereum that ensures secure trading and ownership of digital assets. Meanwhile, MetaStudio, based in Braga, Portugal, is a leading game studio that develops engaging mobile games and provides games-as-a-service. This partnership’s primary aim is to enhance player engagement and community growth through innovative game designs, blockchain technology, and unique NFT offerings.

In conclusion, this partnership between two impressive companies is poised to change the gaming industry and offer a better experience to gamers worldwide.

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