Introducing Tulipart: The Exclusive Collection of Daily Minted Tulip NFTs Spanning 7 Years

Tulipart, based in Zug, Switzerland, has launched a platform that mints a collection of 10,000 unique tulip NFTs over a 7-year period, with 4 Tulip NFTs minted every day until the goal of 10,000 is achieved. Each Tulip NFT is composed of six different components, making them more or less rare, ranging from common to exclusive. New Tulip NFTs cannot be directly purchased, and only $LAND token holders are qualified to receive them through a lottery system, which includes holding and staking $LAND tokens. The likelihood of acquiring a Tulip NFT is improved by staking a larger amount of $LAND tokens each day. The ongoing airdrop takes place at, and Ethereum address holders can verify their participation eligibility. $LAND can also be procured on Uniswap, which increases the opportunity to win a Tulip NFT. is an innovative platform that celebrates and inspires creativity in the cryptocurrency and NFT sectors. is located in Zug, Switzerland, a global hub for blockchain technology, and is the epicentre of a unique tulip NFT collection set to be minted over seven years. Claim your $LAND tokens, stake them, and acquire a Tulip NFT at

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