MetaMask Unveils Snaps, Broadening Compatibility Across Blockchain Networks

The popular Web3 wallet, MetaMask, has introduced a new feature called ‘Snaps.’ This development opens up opportunities for expansion beyond Ethereum and offers interoperability and compatibility with different non-EVM blockchains.

Metamask co-lead developer, Dan Finlay, proposed the idea of creating a platform for developers to build permissionless solutions that integrate with the wallet. After significant progress, Metamask Snaps in Extension v11.0+ have become a reality.

What are Snaps? According to Metamask, Snaps are novel features developed by third parties that users can install directly into their wallets without permission. Users can add features from independent developers directly to their Metamask wallets, ensuring data protection and consent.

To develop this new functionality, Metamask collaborated with approximately 150 different developers. The launch of Snaps represents a significant step forward for innovation and decentralization.

At the time of launch, 34 snaps are integrated and ready to use by crypto investors. These allowlisted ‘Snaps’ focus on interoperability and compatibility with non-EVM blockchains such as Solana, Bitcoin, Algorand, and Cosmos. Notable snaps include the BTCSnap, which enables users to manage BTC directly in Metamask, and the Algorand Snap, allowing for direct account management, swapping, and transferring with Metamask.

Moreover, Solflare Wallet and Drift Labs have introduced integrations of Solana wallets where investors can easily swap, stake, connect to Solana Dapps, and bridge from EVM to SOL.

In addition to interoperability-focused snaps, Metamask has also incorporated Notification and Transaction Insight Snaps. Notification snaps provide chat features and direct notifications within Metamask, while Transaction Insight Snaps offer in-depth analysis of blockchain transactions.

As MetaMask continues to expand its capabilities beyond Ethereum, the launch of Snaps signifies a new era in the decentralization movement.

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