More than Half of American Bitcoin Miners Unite to Support New Policy Initiative

The Chamber of Digital Commerce, a leading advocacy organization for digital innovation and Bitcoin, has recently launched a groundbreaking initiative called the Digital Power Network. This network aims to champion Bitcoin mining and drive forward productive energy policy, with the ultimate goal of revolutionizing energy markets. The core belief behind this endeavor is that Bitcoin mining can incentivize investments in renewable energy and improve grid stability.

The Digital Power Network boasts an impressive membership roster, including industry giants such as Argo, BitDigital, BitFarms, Coinmint, Cipher Mining, DigitHost, Hive, Marathon, Riot, Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol, and Terawulf. Together, these companies represent over 50% of the U.S. Bitcoin hash rate and are determined to reshape the energy landscape while influencing future energy policy in Washington.

“We are excited to introduce our inaugural affiliate organization, the Digital Power Network,” said Perianne Boring, Founder and CEO of The Chamber of Digital Commerce. “It’s fitting that our first affiliate focuses on digital asset mining, which has been a top priority for us since the Chamber’s inception nine years ago. Digital asset mining is not only an energy matter but also a national security matter. We firmly believe that Bitcoin will drive policies that unite all political stakeholders to advance this crucial industry in the United States.”

Through advocacy, partnerships, and education, the Digital Power Network aims to bring about real policy change in Washington. Their objective is to form a strong alliance consisting of policymakers, regulators, media influencers, and economic stakeholders. A spokesperson for the Digital Power Network stated that with a collective voice, they will work with policymakers to implement policies that truly benefit Bitcoin miners.

Jason Les, CEO of Riot, emphasized the transformative potential of this initiative in pushing for favorable Bitcoin mining policies in the United States. He stated, “Bitcoin mining converts stranded, low-cost energy into a valuable commodity, which is why our industry has tremendous potential to foster an energy renaissance in America. To remain competitive, our country needs the right public policy outcomes. We are pleased that the Digital Power Network is giving a much-needed, specialized voice to our flexible and innovative companies that are revitalizing rural communities and securing the global Bitcoin network.”

The Chamber of Digital Commerce aims to lead the conversation in digital energy advocacy and policy transformation through this initiative. Fred Thiel, CEO of Marathon, emphasized the importance of the Digital Power Network, stating, “Having a voice like the Digital Power Network in Washington is crucial for ensuring that the perspectives of digital energy stakeholders are taken into consideration.”

The Digital Power Network’s ultimate vision is to position the United States as a global leader in the digital energy revolution, aligning economic growth with environmental sustainability. The initiative has already made significant progress on the policy front, notably by pioneering the introduction of the first pro-proof-of-work resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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