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New publisher monetization suite, reactions on pages and TFTC partnership

Mash: We’re pumped to announce the first launch of many for a completely new and revamped suite of monetization & growth products for publishers and creators – that users and fans will also love. Ways to earn properly for media and start take back power from the big-tech platforms.


tldr; a new suite of monetization & growth products and partnerships.

  • Reactions – multiplayer mode on-site. Let users participate by adding emojis, stickers, animations and accents to content, currently paragraphs – that all visitors can see. Paid & free options.
  • Donation prompts with memes – of any amount at the speed of a click. Why simply just a “coffee” (which is possible), shouldn’t there be options to buy folks a steak, support a cause, and leverage the power of memes? Yes!
  • Mash Hub – a new on-site product to connect with users, ask for donations, share voting with sats events, and enable users to easily access their money (or pay with any lightning) – without requiring a download. And future products!
  • No-Code Install – installation takes less than two minutes. We got you from there!
  • Partnership with Marty Bent & TFTC – you can learn more about the new TFTC (and try it out), and our partnership on Mash!
  • Join the waitlist – we’re releasing these new tools over the coming months (and deprecating some previous ones). Sign up to get access or partner with Mash.


Partnership with Mash & TFTC: Building the new suite for creators & publishers together.

We’re also ecstatic to announce our partnership with TFTC & Marty Bent on this launch – which also got a full overhaul and is expanding with highly curated content from new amazing authors like Robert Bryce, Parker Lewis, and Whitney Webb.

Reactions: Enabling users to add emojis, animations and interact with content & other users

Our new reactions product brings is dedicated to letting users have fun on the page, and add a multi-player mode to the site. Users and fans can add emojis, animations, stickers and more directly to paragraphs of content that all users that visit can see and interact with.

The result is more traffic & engagement back to the site – and a completely new revenue stream. Reactions are both free and paid-for with micro-payments, enabled by the bitcoin lightning network – with one click using Mash’s wallet and many others. We think you’ll find it delightful. Why don’t you try it out on TFTC and share your thoughts!

Mash Hub: One location for all things Mash on the page

As part of the launch is a big update to the overall on-page mash experience with a new “hub” – to provide core functionality and more naturally blend into the experience. It’s completely re-designed from the ground up. Now there’s one hub for users to participate on the site – from reactions, voting with money, and donating to the site. Users can access their money to use on the site – the same funds as in their mash wallet on other sites, or standalone web-wallet or mobile app.

Donation Memes, Causes & Prompts

Why just donations for coffee when they could be for steak? What about getting some memes included to show your vibe? That’s what we launched including a slew of provocative options as default choices. And because it is lightning bitcoin powered, it can be any amount without any chargebacks or credit card fees.

It’s super fast, just a click! Additionally these prompts will notify users based on their behaviour and request support that can easily be split between the site owner and all staff & contributors into their own lightning bitcoin wallets.

Lightning network and bitcoin powered: Interoperable and friction minimized

Our solutions and products are built on a foundation of Bitcoin and Lightning Network because they’re open, decentralized, and interoperable. Anyone around the world can use it, at immaterial cost for any amount – even a fraction of a penny (or sat as we like to call them).

Users can use any lightning wallet that they want including CashApp, Strike, Kraken and a host of 30+ others that are rapidly gaining adoption globally – without prejudice. No walled gardens. Users aren’t trapped into one platform or even creating an account with Mash, like they are with products like PayPal & Venmo.

What’s next?

We’ve learned plenty over the past year – from our launches of one-click and automated payments for app-usage & premium content to donations and boosts – and we have lots more coming! For those that are using these products we’ll be transitioning our products over to the new suite over the coming months – most with replacements, and some fully re-imagined. Stay tuned, we will be in touch (or sign up for the waitlist for earlier access)


Jared on behalf of the entire Mash team.


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