Num Finance Secures $1.5M in Funding and Sets Sights on Boosting Stablecoin Adoption in Latin America and the Middle East

Stablecoins have been gaining popularity as an option to anchor their price to an external asset, often a government-issued fiat currency, through blockchain technology, making transactions cheaper and faster. While stablecoins have been accepted in developing countries, the market continues to be dominated by U.S. dollar-denominated stablecoins, accounting for approximately 99% of the combined supply, according to CoinGecko data.

This dominance by the U.S. dollar can pose a risk in times of economic uncertainty. There have been preliminary discussions over creating stablecoins that are backed by multiple currencies to mitigate these potential risks. Additionally, some experts have suggested that the development of stablecoins could lead to a shift away from traditional banking systems and towards a more decentralized financial system.

As the use of stablecoins continues to expand, it is important to ensure that they remain a credible solution to financial transactions. Therefore, it is imperative that stablecoins are developed and maintained with transparency, and that they are regularly audited by independent third-party entities.

In conclusion, stablecoins show great potential as a method of streamlining financial transactions, but with their reliance on the U.S. dollar, it is important to consider alternative options during times of economic uncertainty. Nevertheless, as stablecoin technology continues to develop, we may see the potential for a shift towards decentralized financial systems.

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