Nunchuck’s Innovative Bitcoin Custody Platform Enters Beta, Paving the Way for Collaborative Solutions

Bitcoin software wallet manufacturer Nunchuck has unveiled Byzantine, a groundbreaking collaborative custody platform specifically designed for Bitcoin advisors. This unique platform allows for the seamless creation of multi-user multisig wallets, enabling easy collaboration between advisors and their clients. While clients retain complete control over their bitcoin, advisors hold a backup key, striking a perfect balance between security and autonomy. This emphasis on user agency and safety is the cornerstone of Byzantine’s value proposition.

In addition to its collaborative features, Byzantine offers a comprehensive suite of tools for wallet and key management. Notably, the platform places a strong emphasis on long-term inheritance planning, providing clients with a competitive advantage in safeguarding their assets for the future.

Founder and CEO of Nunchuck, Hugo Nguyen, emphasizes the importance of collaborative custody in unlocking the true potential of Bitcoin. He believes that this approach not only offers educational and technical guidance but also solves challenges related to inheritance. Nguyen states, “We’re thrilled to introduce the Byzantine platform to advisors worldwide, empowering them to bring millions of people into the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

Security is of paramount importance in Bitcoin transactions, and Byzantine epitomizes this commitment. The platform exclusively utilizes cold storage for keys, bolstering the safety of digital assets. Furthermore, it is compatible with a wide range of hardware signing devices, including Coldcard, Tapsigner, Jade, Ledger, and Trezor. By writing their software natively, Nunchuck further enhances security while providing access through both desktop and mobile platforms.

In an era marked by concerns over privacy, Byzantine’s robust approach to safeguarding personal information is commendable. The platform only requires an email address from users, ensuring the privacy of their personal data.

To offer a competitive advantage to forward-thinking Bitcoin advisors, Byzantine has launched an exclusive Early Access program. This initiative allows advisors to be pioneers in the industry, gaining access to the platform’s offerings before the general public. Those interested in joining can apply directly through the company’s website [hyperlink:].

Byzantine represents an innovative solution for Bitcoin advisors and their clients, combining collaborative custody, advanced security measures, and a commitment to privacy. With its array of features and emphasis on long-term planning, Byzantine positions itself as a leading platform in the rapidly evolving world of Bitcoin.

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