Obscure Yet Fascinating: Discover a Ripple (XRP) Use Case That Has Eluded Your Attention

Ripple’s XRP has emerged as a cryptocurrency with interesting and unexpected use cases, beyond its primary role in cross-border payments. While other coins like BTC and ETH could also serve similar purposes, XRP has found some rather cool applications.

One such use case was brought up in response to a Twitter thread by prominent lawyer John Deaton. Deaton represents a large number of XRP holders in a legal battle against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The case revolves around the unique functionality of using XRP to book private jets or share them with millionaire friends.

TapJets, the company offering this service, has even submitted an amicus brief in the Ripple case. In the brief, they explain that XRP solves what they call the “Friday Night Problem.” This refers to customers being unable to pay for various services through traditional banking channels on a Friday night when banks are typically closed.

TapJets functions similar to Uber, but for flights. If someone needs a last-minute flight, they can use the company’s platform to reserve a jet almost instantly. However, they would have to cover various expenses such as fuel, pilots’ fees, flight attendants’ fees, airport fees, and more. For example, let’s say someone wants to have a luxurious party in Las Vegas on a Friday night and spend a significant amount of money. They might find themselves without transportation options, unable to pay for a jet because banks are closed.

Here’s where XRP comes in. TapJets accepts XRP as a form of payment, and since it operates on a blockchain system, it functions seamlessly without any downtime.

It’s interesting to see how cryptocurrencies like XRP are being adopted for unconventional purposes like booking private jets. This highlights the versatility and potential of blockchain technology beyond its initial use cases.

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