Peter Schiff, a vocal critic of cryptocurrency, launches exclusive Bitcoin-themed NFT art collection

Economist and gold advocate Peter Schiff, who also happens to be a staunch crypto critic, has surprised the community by announcing a collaborative non-fungible token (NFT) art collection on Bitcoin that will soon go up for auction. The reaction from the crypto community has been mixed, with some finding it amusing and others calling out Schiff’s apparent hypocrisy. Despite his previous viewpoints, Schiff has unveiled the “Golden Triumph” collection via a May 27 Twitter thread. The collection consists of one physical painting on an oil linen canvas, 50 prints on archival paper, and 50 digital versions inscribed as Ordinal NFTs on Bitcoin. The collection will be sold via a two-part auction starting on June 2 and ending on June 9. Schiff appears to have woken up to the use case for blockchain technology; verifiable ownership of assets such as art via NFTs. It should be noted that Schiff has criticized NFTs on several occasions in the past. The sharp change in sentiment follows a similar vein to former U.S. president Donald Trump who has also taken a similar route by aggressively slamming crypto on multiple occasions before getting involved with NFTs.

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