Polygon’s Chain Development Kit Powers Canto’s Effort to Embrace ZK Layer 2 on Ethereum

Canto Migrates to Ethereum Zero-Knowledge Layer 2

Canto, a Cosmos-based layer-1 blockchain, is making a move to migrate to a zero-knowledge layer 2 on Ethereum using the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK). This transition aligns with Canto’s mission to create a blockchain dedicated to real-world assets.

This migration comes at a time when there is a significant shift happening in the Ethereum layer-2 space.

Building a Blockchain Ecosystem for Real-World Assets

Canto is a layer-1 blockchain that initially focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) but is now shifting its focus to a zero-knowledge layer-2 solution on Ethereum powered by the Polygon CDK. This strategic move aims to establish a blockchain ecosystem specifically for real-world assets. Canto, which was launched in 2022, provides an EVM execution layer and essential financial tools, with its development governed by the Canto Commons, an open framework.

Through consensus within the Canto Commons, core developers will be able to build a zero-knowledge layer 2. By utilizing a shared zero-knowledge bridge, Canto will eventually tap into the liquidity of a unified Polygon ecosystem with seamless access to Ethereum.

According to an official blog post by Canto, the blockchain will integrate the Plonky2 zero-knowledge protocol. This integration will maintain the proof-of-stake validator set, ensuring continuity for validators and stakers. The transition to the Ethereum zero-knowledge layer 2 will enhance decentralization and trustless assurances for users engaging in asset bridging.

Additionally, Canto’s developers will shift towards using a shared zero-knowledge bridge to handle canonical assets.

The migration to an Ethereum zero-knowledge layer 2 is a significant step towards a “neofinance” future, which emphasizes the protocolization of traditional finance.

One quote from the blog post explains this shift: “By joining a growing number of chains that extends blockspace, the move reflects a significant step toward a ‘neofinance’ future or the protocolization of existing finance. Neofinance envisions a new era of financial efficiencies, unlocked at scale, by deploying offchain assets on protocol rails. Blockchain-specific advantages of efficiency, access, and composability can be unlocked for offchain assets through the modular design of Polygon CDK.”

Polygon Chain Development Kit for Zero-Knowledge Powered Networks

Polygon has released the Chain Development Kit (CDK), a toolkit designed for developers to build blockchain networks powered by zero-knowledge proofs. This open-source codebase enables the creation of customizable layer-2 chains using Polygon’s zero-knowledge technology. These chains can be interconnected through a zero-knowledge-based bridge, creating a unified ecosystem referred to as the “Value Layer.”

Canto’s migration to the Ethereum zero-knowledge layer 2 adds to the growing list of projects leveraging Polygon’s Chain Development Kit for building zero-knowledge layer-2 solutions. Other projects, such as Astar, Gnosis, and IDEX, have also expressed their intentions to utilize the Polygon CDK in recent months.

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