Relai Launches Monthly Bitcoin Purchases Without Fees

Swiss non-custodial Bitcoin app, Relai, has launched a new offering that allows users to make one fee-free bitcoin purchase per month for up to 100 CHF/EUR. The move is aimed at attracting more users to explore the benefits of owning bitcoin and participating in the digital economy. The company has a user base of over 70,000 individuals and hopes to encourage more individuals to invest in bitcoin. Julian Liniger, Relai CEO and co-founder, expressed his excitement about the new offering, stating, “We are thrilled to offer our users the zero fee purchase option. It’s a testament to our commitment to simplifying Bitcoin investments and making it accessible to everyone.” He further emphasized the importance of providing fair and secure access to bitcoin, calling it the “best savings technology ever invented.

Relai has reported a 215% year-on-year revenue growth since March 2022, along with a 53% increase compared to February 2023. The company has also made improvements to its user interface, making it even easier for users to onboard and use core functions like buying and selling. According to a press release, these efforts have contributed to the company’s success, with March 2023 being its best month to date.

Relai recently announced an investment of $4.5 million, led by Jeff Booth’s ego death capital. The company has reiterated its plans for the future, including Lightning integration and the launch of a white-label product. With this new offering, Relai hopes to attract more users and continue its growth in the digital economy.

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