“Revolutionary Program Empowers Bitcoin Startup Founders for Explosive Growth”

Bitcoin Startup Lab Launches Mentorship-Guided Program to Create Investment-Ready Web3 Bitcoin Startups

San Francisco, United States – On June 24, 2023, Bitcoin Startup Lab will commence an intensive part-time startup training program that will guide aspiring founders to launch sustainable Web3 Bitcoin startups. The comprehensive program supports entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to transform ideas into investment-ready startups.

Several graduates shared testimonials about their experiences with the program, including first-time founder Robin Obermaier, who said, “The Bitcoin Startup Lab has played a pivotal role in our development. In just eight months, we transitioned from an idea fueled by passion, to a well-funded and rapidly growing business, largely thanks to the valuable guidance from Albert and his team.”

Anatoly Kozlov, a former graduate of the Bitcoin Startup Lab, had similar praise, remarking, “As a founder with two exits and vast experience with various acceleration programs, I can confirm that this is the best program I have ever seen. We have successfully gotten into the accelerator and raised seed funding in a short amount of time.”

The program offers a no-nonsense curriculum that guides founders in utilizing Bitcoin tech and market advantages, building customer traction, marketing, developing killer features, user experience, business modeling, network effects, and incentive mechanisms.

Mentorship is also a significant component of the program, with graduates being matched with experienced Bitcoin founders and investors who have built successful Web3, crypto, and blockchain startups themselves.

Founders interested in becoming part of the sustainable Web3 Bitcoin economy can apply for the Bitcoin Startup Bootcamp by June 10th, 2023, by visiting the Bitcoin Startup Lab website. The program’s curriculum, timeline, and syllabus will be revealed on May 26th, 2023.

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