Ripple CEO Hints at Major News for Swell Event

**Ripple CEO Teases Major Announcements at DC Fintech Week**

Ripple Swell Event Sparks Community Interest

Chief Executive Officer of Ripple, [Brad Garlinghouse](, has teased the X (formerly Twitter) community with hints of discussions and ideas about the upcoming [Ripple Swell 2023 event]( scheduled for November 8th and 9th in Dubai.

Garlinghouse stated that he was always excited about the DC Fintech Week which occurred every year. He emphasized the importance of the event in bringing together different people with similar interests in one room interacting and sharing their different ideas and perspectives on substantial topics and issues in the finance and blockchain industry.

In his post, Garlinghouse dropped a cryptic message, likening the Ripple Swell event to a “proverbial cage match.” “Every year I look forward to DCFintechWeek — everyone from the public to private participants in one room, discussing (and sometimes debating) the substantive issues with no holds barred. wondering…a proverbial cage match?!” Garlinghouse stated.

Some of the headlining speakers excluding Garlinghouse appearing at the DC Fintech Week include United States Under Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance, Nellie Liang, CEO of Grayscale Investments, [Michael Sonnenshein](, Chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), [Gary Gensler](, Vice Chair of Supervision at the Federal Reserve, Michael Barr, and others.

As the Ripple Swell event approaches, many crypto enthusiasts are looking forward to witnessing what could be a defining moment in the [Ripple ecosystem]( as the event may provide more insight into Ripple’s future developments and present challenges.

*XRP price shows strength ahead of Swell event | Source: [XRPUSD on](*

Garlinghouse To Share Stage With Gensler At Swell Event

Following the conclusion of one of the most heated high-stakes [legal battles]( in the crypto space, Garlinghouse and SEC Chair Gary Gensler are set to share a stage in the DC Fintech Week, discussing and possibly debating on various topics in the fintech and blockchain space.

The legal battle between Gensler and [Ripple’s]( top Executives [Chris Larsen]( and Garlinghouse has been one of the most closely watched conflicts in the crypto space. The [SEC]( sued both executives, accusing them of violating US securities laws by supporting the sales of XRP tokens in unregistered security offerings to investors.

The regulator eventually [dropped all charges]( and claims against Larsen and Garlinghouse earlier in October, earning Ripple a partial win against the agency.

Many XRP community members have rallied behind Garlinghouse’s label of the Ripple Swell event as a “proverbial cage match.” This sentiment is particularly strong when considering participants like Gensler and Garlinghouse who have a history of legal disagreements and [Grayscale and US SEC]( who are currently in a legal dispute concerning the approval of [Spot Bitcoin ETFs](

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