Ripple’s SEC Case Outcome Raises Questions: Legal Experts Weigh In

**Ripple vs SEC Lawsuit: American Journalist Criticizes Ripple’s Partial Legal Victory**

American journalist and senior correspondent for Fox Business News, Charlie Gasparino, recently stirred up controversy by making contentious statements about the legal case between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In a series of tweets on X (formerly Twitter), Gasparino refuted Ripple’s partial victory in the SEC case and condemned the ruling made by US District Judge Analisa Torres that programmatic sales of XRP should not be considered a security. Gasparino’s remarks included, “Ripple didn’t win; it lost. Retail XRP holders ‘won’ for now because Judge Torres issued a truly idiotic, split the baby, ruling that’s the laugh of the southern district.” Gasparino also questioned the rational evaluation of the securities law in relation to Judge Torres’s decision, stating, “XRP is trading as if it is split and there isn’t a securities lawyer in the country who is holding what Judge Torres opined on this case as a model of sane securities law interpretation.”

In response to Gasparino’s comments, XRP enthusiast and lawyer Bill Morgan declared that Judge Torres’s ruling was a great victory for XRP. Morgan emphasized that Ripple has gained the greater advantage following the ruling, resulting in the SEC dismissing its case against Ripple Executives, Bradley Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen. He stated, “There is no lawyer who thinks it was not a good result for Ripple. Otherwise, you would cite one. The decision was split but Ripple got the better of it and won the key legal issue because the judge distinguished the token from the scheme, transaction, or contract and found that the token wasn’t a security.”

**XRP Community Strongly Reacts to Criticisms**

Gasparino’s provocative statements about XRP have sparked strong reactions among XRP community members. Many community members disagreed with Gasparino’s opinions of the Ripple and SEC case, asserting that the ruling provided XRP with better legal clarity in the ongoing SEC case. Additionally, criticisms were directed at the Fox News correspondent, with certain XRP community members deeming him an incompetent and unprofessional journalist due to his tendency to slander commentators.

An X community member stated, “I’ve never known a journalist, who wants to be taken seriously and maintain his integrity, to be this obsessed with a random news story that has nothing to do with him and so eager to try and damage a company’s reputation and a judge’s reputation, with inaccurate highly opinionated statements. Because make no mistake about it, there is weight in your tweets.”

The XRP price has also been affected by the ongoing legal battles, with showing XRP jumping to $0.61.

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