Social Media Star Receives Legal Notice as NFT Amidst Lucrative Token Sale

NFT influencer ‘Ben.eth’ has been served a settlement demand via NFT that accuses him of wire fraud and a “manipulative launch strategy” during the $7 million token presale for $PSYOP. Lawyer Mike Kanovitz, partner at Loevy & Loevy, took to Twitter to reveal that a settlement demand has been served to Ben.eth’s wallet address. The letter stated that Ben.eth will be liable for “treble damages” of $21 million unless the entire $7 million raised is refunded to presale purchasers. Kanovitz also warned of legal action, stating that if Ben.eth refuses to refund, it will be considered real fraud. Furthermore, the letter suggested that any substance in communications between Ben.eth and their co-conspirators will be revealed. Ben.eth responded to the letter, stating that it was unprofessional. As yet, no response from the influencer has been received.

J-S Tremblay
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