Spot Crypto ETFs Gain Global Momentum Beyond the United States

Hong Kong Contemplates Launch of Cryptocurrency ETFs

Hong Kong, a global financial hub, is considering the introduction of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that directly invest in cryptocurrencies. This move is part of Hong Kong’s broader efforts to establish itself as a leading digital asset hub in the Asia-Pacific region, while also addressing the aftermath of the JPEX scandal.

Race to Launch Crypto Spot ETFs

According to Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) CEO Julia Leung, Hong Kong is currently evaluating the possibility of allowing retail investors to access spot ETFs linked to cryptocurrencies, provided that regulatory concerns are properly addressed. Leung stated, “We welcome proposals using innovative technology that boosts efficiency and customer experience.” She also emphasized the need for a strong regulatory framework, referring to the JPEX incident as a reminder.

Under Hong Kong’s SFC digital-asset regulations, retail investors are already able to trade major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether on licensed exchanges, such as BC Technology Group Ltd.’s OSL and HashKey Exchange. The introduction of mandatory rules for stablecoins is anticipated to take place by 2023-2024.

Hong Kong’s Ambitions as an Asia-Pacific Digital Asset Hub

To further solidify its position as a digital asset hub, Hong Kong implemented a dedicated virtual-asset regulatory framework in June. These regulations aim to attract companies while prioritizing investor protection, which is particularly important following the recent HK$1.6 billion ($204 million) fraud at the unlicensed JPEX crypto exchange.

Furthermore, Hong Kong authorities are actively exploring tokenization, a process that represents real-world assets digitally through blockchain technology. The city’s commitment to fostering tokenized products for retail investors is evident through recent actions such as the sale of digital green bonds and the issuance of updated regulatory guidance by the SFC.

Significant progress has been made, including the removal of restrictions on security token offerings and the potential introduction of guidelines for banks by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to provide digital-asset custodial services. This signifies a positive trajectory in the industry.

According to Citigroup Inc., there is potential for a $5 trillion market for tokenized private-sector securities and funds by 2030. This includes corporate debt, real estate, and private equity. Various jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and the European Union, are competing to become digital asset hubs, while the United States is adopting a stricter regulatory approach.

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