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Gracy Chen, the managing director of global cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, has cautioned against scanning eyeballs in exchange for Worldcoin tokens. Chen raises concerns about privacy and believes that the influx of WLD tokens in the near future will impact its price negatively. Chen acknowledges that her role at Bitget comes with requests from her American friends to find alternate ways to open accounts, but she draws a line and refuses these requests.

Before joining Bitget, Chen had a successful career in journalism, working as an anchor and producer at Phoenix TV’s tech and finance channel in China. However, she left journalism after co-founding a tax startup for freelancers, which quickly grew to become a unicorn company.

One of Chen’s proudest achievements is having football legend Lionel Messi join the Bitget team as a partner. Chen cites Messi’s reputation as a father, husband, and team leader as the reasons for selecting him as a partner.

Chen’s Twitter following grew significantly after she entered the crypto industry. She uses her Twitter account to provide updates on breaking events in the crypto world, often simplifying complex topics for her followers. However, she acknowledges that Twitter can be a noisy and chaotic platform.

Chen predicts that Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) will be approved, but most likely not in 2023. She also believes that Coinbase, being a well-regulated U.S.-driven crypto exchange, is more likely to settle lawsuits with fines, while Binance might face a tougher battle against the SEC.

Overall, Chen advises heavy users of crypto information on Twitter to take breaks and conduct fundamental research to stay informed.

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