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The Secret Behind The Growth of RECT TOKEN.

▪️ RECT (Rectifier) Token:

▫️ The coin emerged on the network: May 4, 2022.
▫️ Full name: Rectifier
▫️ Short name: RECT
▫️ Standard: TRC20
▫️ Total currency: 95 000 000 coins
▫️ Allocated for airdrop: 500 000 coins
▫️ Developers’ tokens: 10 000 000 RECT

📶 RECT token is traded within the Telegram bot for RECT/USDT (TRC20). It is possible to automatically withdraw funds to your USDT wallet and buy the token with BTC, BUSD, BNB, ETH, USDT TRC20, and USDT ERC20.

📈 RECT token exchange rate growth is driven by Telegram audience increases and the compelling need for an internal Telegram cryptocurrency to pay for services, goods, and bills, as well as exchange funds between users.