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The economy runs on Money 💵

Introducing a brand new deflationary cryptocurrency ready to grow.

Money (MN) is a deflationary cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain. MN is fast, secure and open to all users.

Being a deflationary cryptoasset, Money aims to be a store of value that rewards users for holding long term. Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), MN is fast and requires a low fee to transact. This places MN in a unique situation where it can be transacted fast and securely for very little cost while also replicating stores of value by the supply dropping with each transaction. This is done through a token burn.

The Money Coin Team wishes to bridge the gap perfectly between store of value, hard assets and currencies that move fluidly and transact quickly.

Long term there is no guarantee what will happen and everything will depend on market adoption and the amount of users of the MN cryptocurrency. The more frequently MN is transacted, the faster the deflationary rate. In our eyes this should balance a healthy spend to save of MN promoting long term saving over short term spending.

Now I imagine you are all wondering about MN’s tokenomics.

Money (MN) has a 1% burn fee on each transaction. That may not sound like much but think about this, everytime 100% of the token supply is circulated, 1% of supply is now burned. At a 1% burn rate, MN should never run out for the lifetime of its viability.

MN has 18 decimals or can be divisible 0.000000000000000000 . This means even if MN becomes extremely successful and is transacted to just a handful of tokens, the viability of the Money Coin (MN) system can still function and 10 Billion + people could still use MN as their currency and store of value.

Two more fees are currently present on MN transactions. First is a 3% redistribution to our project wallet to keep the Money Coin project funded and growing. Second is a 1% add of liquidity to PancakeSwap allowing the market trading pairs to always be liquid. This helps with price stabability and transaction throughput.

Money (MN) aims to be the currency the economy runs on transacting commerce and being used as a store of value. 

Meet the MoneyCoinTeam

The MoneyCoinTeam is anonymous but the founder and and project contact is open to communication. His name is Austin Travis Chalk and you can reach him directly on Telegram @AustinChalk

Be sure to join our Telegram and be on the lookout for the MoneyCoinTeam!


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