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The multi-IP blockchain game PetaRush launched its 2nd closed beta and win-to-earn feature.

PetaRush, the world’s first multi-IP blockchain mobile game, launched its second closed beta on December 21 at 14:00 (GMT+8). iOS users need to download the TestFlight app to participate, and Android users can download the apk provided. 

PetaRush is a blockchain racing game featuring fashionable 3D animal characters as the runners. The gameplay is similar to the classic Mario Kart, but players do not need to control the direction, just strategically use the skills to reduce stamina consumption, increase running speed, and disrupt opponents to win the championship. Players can develop the runner’s skills through the game’s cultivation mechanism to boost the win rate.

PetaRush recently launched 1,000 NFTs of game characters, which sold out in less than five days and achieved excellent results in this bear market. After the end of the first beta test in May this year, PetaRush team has stepped up its efforts to launch a new beta test version in which the scene has been fully optimized and improved for players to enjoy racing on the 3D Mars landscape. This closed beta unlocks the Peta Token Qualifier where NFT holders can earn tokens. PetaRush provides two modes, “Winner Takes All” and “Play to Earn” to attract players with different goals and experience the joy of win-to-earn in a blockchain game!

Not only can PetaRush NFT holders unlock the token-earning Peta Token Qualifier, but PetaRush has also announced an in-depth collaboration with two leading NFT projects, PhantaBear and Demi-Holim NFT. NFT holders of these two projects can claim a 3D character NFT for free on the blockchain gaming platform METASENS and use it in PetaRush. Achieve the Web3 gaming goal of multiple IPs playing together in one game.

This closed beta test is the final test before the game goes live. It is free to download for everyone. Players do not need an NFT to experience the joy of racing on Mars. If the player likes the game and wants to earn tokens in-game, PetaRush NFTs are available on the METASENS NFT market. 

PetaRush has also prepared a series of events where players can win USDT, unlock PT coupons for the token-winning game, and get whitelisted for the next round of PetaRush NFT sales, NFT blind boxes minting, or PetaRush merchandise. All information will be announced on PetaRush Discord and Twitter.

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