Top Lawyer Issues Dire Warning for Ripple Amid SEC Legal Battle

Attorney Jeremy Hogan of Hogan & Hogan has provided his perspective on the ongoing Ripple lawsuit. As a pro-XRP lawyer, Hogan predicts an unfavorable outcome for Ripple if Judge Torres moves the Fair Notice Defence (FND) issue to trial. He explains that an FND trial would only occur if Ripple loses its case against the SEC under the Section 5 violation. Hogan has been closely following the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit and noted that Judge Torres’ remark about the Hinman speech drafts in the latest hearing suggests she has yet to rule on the FND issue. Ripple’s defense claims that the SEC failed to issue a fair notice before suing it for securities law violation. This claim was challenged based on longstanding court precedent, which gave rise to the Howey test, and the recent victory against Commonwealth Equity Services. The XRP community, including prominent influencer, Blockchain Backer, has expressed concern over a possible negative outcome for Ripple. However, Attorney Hogan believes the order will not affect the summary judgment.

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