Tulsi Gabbard Warns Against U.S. CBDC’s Impact on Freedom in Bitcoin 2023 Keynote

Former congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard addressed the audience at a recent event, Bitcoin 2023, focusing on the institutional problems with U.S. politics. She highlighted the lack of courageous leaders in Washington who seek to consolidate power rather than serve constituents. “Ultimately, they’re driven by a fear of losing power and losing control and, at the heart of it, they’re afraid of us. They’re afraid of a free society,” she said.

Gabbard criticized the Biden Administration’s exploration of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), underscoring how such a project would be antithetical to the privacy- and freedom-preserving qualities of cash transactions. Designed to preserve these qualities in a digital way, Bitcoin, according to Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System,” opposes the centralization of digital currencies and value preservation.

“The Biden administration’s move toward implementing a CBDC is their latest effort towards exerting control and taking away our freedom,” Gabbard said. “No matter how many flowery words they use to deny that there is ill intent, no matter how many times they try to justify it, we know this is about their insatiable mission and desire for total control.”

She suggests that those in power are combative toward or disinterested in Bitcoin because it cannot be manipulated by any third parties. “You would think they would be interested in how Bitcoin is transforming the lives of people around the world, but they don’t actually care about people,” she said.

Gabbard’s commentary brings to light the problems of politicking in the United States and the need for more protection of individual liberty online. As Bitcoin’s value continues to increase, discussion surrounding its usage and regulation will inevitably increase.

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