Web 3.0 Frog Tribe Pepe Coin Craze Takes Off on Solana Blockchain

The rise of Pepe coin has brought frog meme cryptos into the spotlight. While the Ethereum ERC-20 token launched on April 15th, it went parabolic on May 1st, sparking a flurry of sales. This price madness was a bullish sign for Ethereum and DeFi crypto blockchains. Pepe coin gained popularity on crypto exchanges, leading to comparisons with DOGE and SHIB in early May.

Although the hype around Pepe coin has waned since its all-time high, crypto investors are taking another look at Pepe (SOL). The fact that Pepe is a project with long-term horizons, not a rug pull, has given investors confidence. However, Pepe Coin is not the only frog meme coin out there. Before Pepe, there was PepeSol, a meme coin on Solana, a fast and low-fee smart contract blockchain that has seen significant growth recently.

Pepe (SOL) saw a 1,860% increase in its price in just three days after Pepe Coin went viral. Crypto investors holding Pepe SOL had until May 3 to sell at that massive ROI for the flash rally. After that, it crashed to around $0.00023 by May 7th. There’s also a Pepe coin on Arbitrum, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

It’s worth noting that Pepe (SOL) is not the only frog meme coin. A group of frogs is called an army, and there’s a small army of frog meme coins out there on the blockchains. Pepe Coin’s rise has given frog crypto enthusiasts a renewed interest in other such coins, such as PepeSol.

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