Web3 Development Platform Sort Secures $3.5 Million Funding to Boost Product Expansion

Developers have a new tool to tap into the power of smart contracts. A startup called Sort has created a system that enables developers to incorporate these contracts directly into their applications. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts that automatically execute the terms of an agreement between parties once certain conditions are met. They’re best known for powering decentralized networks like Ethereum. But now, thanks to Sort’s innovation, developers can incorporate them into their own apps, regardless of platform or blockchain.

Sort’s technology depends on a native app that runs separately from the blockchain, but is still able to handle the logic of smart contracts. Developers will be able to debug the contracts and and run tests on their platforms before submitting them to a blockchain. The company also hopes to create an interface that will allow non-technical users to easily interact with smart contracts.

The potential uses for smart contracts incorporated into apps are endless. They could be used in everything from supply chain management to finance and insurance. Plus, with Sort’s technology, the contracts can be executed without reliance on traditional legal entities. This could lead to significant cost savings and faster execution of contracts.

The team behind Sort includes some heavy hitters from the blockchain space, including former ConsenSys developer Casey Detrio and Joe Urgo, who co-founded cryptocurrency platform Shift. They plan to offer their technology as a service, charging a fee for each smart contract that is executed by their system.

As smart contracts become more widely recognized for their potential to disrupt a variety of industries, technologies like Sort’s will become increasingly popular. The ability to easily incorporate these contracts into apps will make them more accessible to businesses and developers who may not have the resources to build their own smart contract systems from scratch.

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