When to Invest in Altcoins: Insights from Crypto Analysts

Many Altcoins are expected to see a significant increase in value alongside Bitcoin once the bull run begins. According to Michaël van de Poppe, the CEO and Founder of trading platform MN Trading, the best time to invest in altcoins is 6-10 months prior to the Bitcoin Halving, which is scheduled for April next year. Poppe believes that this period, although considered the worst in the crypto market cycle, presents the best opportunity to invest in altcoins as they are experiencing significant movement.

In a tweet, Poppe stated, “The Altcoins are breaking out left and right. The bull market is here. It’s crucial for altcoins to start moving in this period, as we’re in the worst period of the cycle. That means, the best period to invest. But why is that? Altcoins are moving massively.”

Poppe also mentioned that the belief that venture capitalists (VCs) are investing in altcoins during this period is not the reason for their movement. Instead, he suggests that traders will realize the bull market is approaching once the “big coins” start trending upward.

Using Chainlink (LINK) as an example, Poppe noted that it has failed to provide investors with a significant return on investment during this period of consolidation. However, he pointed out a bullish indicator that suggests LINK may experience a bullish occurrence in the near future.

It is important to note that Poppe’s views may be promotional or biased, as he included an affiliate link to the platform where he invests his altcoins, which he referred to as the “easiest to use broker in the Netherlands.”

Bitcoin Halving is considered one of the events that could trigger the next bull market, according to crypto analysts. This event occurs every four years and involves halving the rewards of miners on the Bitcoin blockchain as a deflationary measure. Kevin Kelly, the co-founder of Delphi Digital, noted that the last two halvings occurred seven months before Bitcoin reached a new all-time high. Bitcoin’s price has historically increased before and after Halving events, with the most recent one in 2020 resulting in a 17% increase in the weeks leading up to the Halving and a further 559% increase in the following year.

Given these historic trends, analysts’ predictions of the Halving event triggering a significant rise in the crypto market seem plausible.

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