Why On-Ramps are Crucial for Bitcoin Adoption, According to Self-Custody Advocate

Bitcoin’s self-custody solutions can gain more adoption with improved usability and user experience, according to software developer Jameson Lopp. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Lopp, who co-founded Casahodl, emphasized the challenges in building self-custody solutions and highlighted the need to create more avenues for people to acquire Bitcoin. He also speculated that many users typically leave their holdings in an exchange wallet, questioning whether they are aware that they can manage their BTC holdings in a self-custodial wallet. Despite this, Lopp acknowledged that custodian service providers like exchanges offer a level of convenience to industry newcomers, and argued that the industry should make self-custody easier and more comfortable for users to adopt. In addition, Lopp suggested that innovations such as integrating the Bitcoin layer-2 Lightning Network protocol in ecosystems like the decentralized social media platform Nostr can also drive the use and adoption of BTC. In terms of policy, Lopp noted that industry initiatives like the establishment of a policy group in the United Kingdom can foster education, investment, business, and job creation for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Finally, Lopp emphasized the need to increase on-ramps for people to acquire Bitcoin and drive economic activity with the cryptocurrency.

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