Zeebu (ZBU) Partners with Prominent Exchange BitForex for Official Listing

Zeebu, the pioneering Web3 Neobank for Telecoms, is excited to announce its forthcoming listing on BitForex, a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange. This development marks a significant stride for Zeebu ($ZBU) community and the Telecom Carrier sector.

Listing Details:

1. Trading Pair: ZBU/USDT
2. ZBU deposit will open on 2023/10/26 at 19:00 (GMT+8)
3. ZBU/USDT trading will open on 2023/10/27 at 19:00 (GMT+8)
4. ZBU withdrawal will open on 2023/10/28 at 19:00 (GMT+8)

Zeebu is a leading on-chain settlement solution for the telecom carrier sector, facilitating seamless cross-border transactions for Telecom Carrier businesses powered by $ZBU Loyalty Token. Built on Ethereum and pegged on BSC, $ZBU carries out a distinctive mission – the incentivization and rewarding of Telecom Carriers actively engaged in the Zeebu Ecosystem.

According to Zeebu, the $ZBU Loyalty Token plays a crucial role in enabling efficient payment settlements and seamless cross-border payments, revolutionizing the way we see cross-border transactions. This innovation gives a unified currency experience to global telecom carrier businesses, eliminating the hassles of handling multiple currencies and significantly reducing conversion costs.

The listing of Zeebu ($ZBU) on BitForex marks an exciting crossroads where cryptocurrency innovation converges with the dynamic realm of telecommunications. This union signifies a substantial milestone in Zeebu’s ongoing commitment to enhance value and stimulate growth within the telecom industry.

About Zeebu:

Zeebu stands at the forefront as an innovative Web3 Neobank for Telecoms, facilitating on-chain B2B invoice settlement platform designed specifically for Telecom Carriers. It revolutionizes cross-border payments, boasting transaction speeds of a swift 3-7 minutes.
Learn more about Zeebu now on their Website, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Whitepaper.

About BitForex:

BitForex, a global cryptocurrency exchange leader, offers a comprehensive suite of trading products. With a highly diverse international team, BitForex is committed to creating a secure, professional, and user-friendly platform, facilitating the financial evolution of tomorrow.

For the latest updates and more detailed information, please visit Zeebu’s Official Website and BitForex.

(Source: Zeebu)

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